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December 2015: More Than A Review picked Final Trimester as favorite book of the year for 2015: More Than A Review 2015 Favorites

“Benson hits a home run in this debut thriller that grabs readers from the first page. Fans of Joel C. Rosenberg will thrill to the twisty, fast-paced action and  suspense.” Library Journal, April 15, 2013. This review is posted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“Dianna T. Benson’s Persephone’s Fugitive is an interesting, tense-filled story about a desperate man who takes a hostage. Ms. Benson does a good job getting inside the heads of the multi-dimensional characters. Enjoyed!” Margaret Daley, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Even though The Hidden Son is Mrs. Benson’s debut novel, it reads as though she had written dozens before it. Each page leaves you wanting more. The characters are well-written and I found myself thinking of them as if they were real people. I definitely recommend The Hidden Son to anyone who loves a good action novel.” Cassie Snow, Rocky Mountain Reviews

“I must admit that I don’t normally read this type of book – a book about cops and how they think. This book [The Hidden Son] gave me a much better thought pattern in my own head about the way I treat the police around me. I have not always had a real good attitude with the police. The ending of the book was an outstanding, unexpected gathering of the principles involved with in the book, and a great outcome. A really great book for me. Thank you!” Bob Y., Inmate at Wakulla Correctional Institution, Tallahassee, Florida

“I loved The Hidden Son despite being an avid Tar Heels basketball fan (read the book and you’ll find out why). The character development was excellent and the twist at the end really brought the whole story together. As to a previous review [posted on Amazon], as a physician I can knowledgeably confirm that not all brain damage is permanent – the plasticity of the human brain is amazing at allowing recovery from many insults. Can’t wait to finish the other books in the series. Keep writing, Dianna Benson!” Robert Littleton, MD.  

“I loved The Hidden Son. I couldn’t put it down. I’m not a fiction reader typically, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was completely believable yet suspenseful. I can’t wait for Dianna T. Benson’s next release.” Brandon Gayle, Haz-Mat Specialist and firefighter.

“A high-octane thriller, The Hidden Son is sure to jump-start your adrenaline. From the first page, I was thrust into the action; there were enough twists and turns to ride the tide until the end. I especially like a good mystery/suspense when I’m anchored in the world of historical fiction, so this was that extra dash of cayenne pepper needed to spice-up my reading. I enjoyed the surprises tossed throughout the book – especially those concerning Alec Dyer’s daughter’s cold case. Overall, the mystery/suspense was interesting and there were enough surprises to keep any reader satisfied. The last curve ball at the end was definitely unexpected…”  Christian Book Review, March 17, 2014 – Thank you to Ellechor Publishing House for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which I have given. **

Ellechor Publishing House sent a complimentary copy of The Hidden Son to Book Reviewer Lisa Johnson, and this is her review: “Did you ever watch a movie or theatre performance after which instead of just clapping, words like ‘bravo’ and ‘encore’ should be shouted? Be prepared to do both with The Hidden Son. What drew me to this novel was the cover and the title that I figured was a purposeful play on words. The novel grabs a hold from the first chapter till the last. The characters, scenes, action, and faith-based novel will keep you turning pages and losing track of time. The plot was rich as well as entertaining. The suspense kept building as I prepared myself with what I saw would be a breakthrough or victory for the characters only to have the author throw a curve ball and get me thinking about the plot’s direction all over again. Don’t miss this one. My rating is 5+ stars.” Book reviewer, Lisa Johnson. This review in its entirety is posted on Amazon.

“This is the second book I’ve read by Dianna T. Benson, and once again she doesn’t disappoint. Well-drawn characters, plenty of action, and a fast-paced story kept me turning the pages late into the night.  Persephone’s Fugitive is a solid second book in Benson’s Cayman Island’s Trilogy and left me wondering how much more trouble her characters will find themselves involved in once the third book in the series is finished. Grab your favorite drink, sit back in a comfortable chair, and prepare to be entertained .” Michael J. Webb, Author of The Master’s Quilt, The Oldest Enemy and Infernal Gates

“With Persephone’s Fugitive, Dianna T. Benson writes a stunningly suspenseful high-seas adventure with pulse-pounding action inspired by her medical roots. If you love thrillers then you must read all of Dianna’s novels.” Jordyn Redwood, author of the Bloodline Trilogy

“Prepare to embark on a fast-paced adventure with the characters in Persephone’s Fugitive, the second book in Dianna Benson’s Cayman Islands Trilogy. Once again, Benson has crafted a twist-filled story guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats.”–Heidi Glick, author of Dog Tags

“Final Trimester is my first book by Dianna T. Benson and I am hooked! Wow, just wow. Benson takes us inside mind of the serial killer and his battle with the voices he thinks are God and the devil—one of the creepier villains I have read in a while. I connected with Jodi on all levels. Jodi is a paramedic who gets suspicious of the death of a pregnant woman and then starts to see a connection between the deaths of two pregnant women. Jodi has been working with Nate who is a Detective with the Myrtle Beach PD for over a year. She tells him of her suspicions. Nate cannot find a connection and tells Jodi to let it go, but that does not stop Jodi from researching further. This instigates a communication link between them that was not there before. Nate becomes the lead detective on the case and he realizes the serial killer has Jodi in his sights. Dianna makes her characters human even in a Christian book where they have made mistakes and are dealing with them. After reading Final Trimester, I realized Dianna is going to be one of those authors that you never know what she’s going to do next. There’s plot twist and then there’s “oh my gosh I can’t believe you just did that.” There is so much more to share but I do not want to ruin any of the plot twists or surprises for you. I highly recommend Final Trimester if you like edge of your seat suspense. I also think it would be great for a book club discussion. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.” More Than A Review, Book Reviewer

“Edge of your seat suspense, perfect for fans of D. Henderson, I. Hannon and D Pettrey. I immediately downloaded The Hidden Son after reading Final Trimester. I was not disappointed. It is a must-read for any avid suspense reader. I was hooked from the opening scene. My heart was beating fast—I felt myself dive into the story and couldn’t put it down. Although The Hidden Son is Dianna Benson’s debut book, you would not realize it from the engaging storyline, the details in the writing, or the edge-of-your seat suspense. Lelisa is a U.S. DEA agent who suspects her boss is trying to kill her because she will not bury evidence in a high-profile case. When her friend dies while they are vacationing on the Cayman Islands, Alec the local detective gets involved. Alec is not sure what to think of Lelisa and he knows she is not sharing everything she knows. Both characters are very likable. You want her to trust him but you totally understand why she doesn’t after all that’s happened. The secondary storyline of Alec’s missing daughter of two years adds to the already fast-paced and intense drama. My favorite scene was when he found her magazine and her notes in it. There were at least two scenes where I was holding my breath from the intensity. Another reason I recommend this book for a book club discussion is the book’s interesting discussion about what parents will do to protect their children and to what lengths they will go. I recommend reading The Hidden Son and Final Trimester in order to get the full impact of the characters. I highly recommend this book if you like action and suspense with a subtle dose of inspiration. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.” More Than A Review, Book Reviewer.

Persephone’s Fugitive is book 2 in The Cayman Island Trilogy by Dianna Benson. I highly recommend reading the Cayman Island Trilogy books in order to get the full impact of the character development. It is worth it. Persephone’s Fugitive is gripping, compelling and intense. In Persephone’s Fugitive we have James Keegan, a cocaine addict who would rather die than spend the rest of his life in prison. His escape plan was playing out just like he expected until the boat, Persephone, was late. Sara Dyer is a paramedic who becomes his human shield as he plans his escape during a stand-off with the Royal Cayman Island police. Once they are on the boat, Sara realizes she is not the only hostage, but can she trust the other hostage? Benson’s experience as an EMT is evident in the detail in the scenes. If you are looking for an awesome writer. I highly recommend Dianna Benson. Her books will appeal to fans of Dani Pettry, Irene Hannon, and Dee Henderson. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.” More Than A Review, Book Reviewer

“I’m amazed a debut author wrote such an enthralling, engrossing and exciting book [The Hidden Son].” Book Reviewer Vera Godley. This review in its entirety is posted on GoodReads

Persephone’s Fugitive is packed with action as law enforcers from Grand Cayman plunge into the mind and method of a madman. A trek over the mountains of Colombia further reveals depths of the psychotic madman’s mind and the skills of rescuers. A terrifying good read brought again from the pen of Dianna T. Benson.” Book reviewer Vera Godley 

“Dianna T. Benson has a knack for writing great suspense thrillers and has done so again with Final Trimester.  Nate Quigley is a detective with the Myrtle Beach Police Department.  He responds to a murder scene and one of the paramedics who respond to the scene, Jodi Duncan, keeps at him with questions about the manner of death of the victim. Jodi has been a paramedic for 14 years and loves her job.  She also volunteers as a host for foster children when needed.  She longs to be a mother to her own child.  She responds to the scene of a victim, but can’t let go the manner of death.  She keeps questioning why and how this happened and keeps after Nate to investigate.  Soon other victims appear and the investigation expands.  Jodi keeps pushing for answers and catches the eye of the perpetrator. This plot will keep you riveted to the pages until the very end.  There is great suspense, tension and anxiety to keep the action-minded reader glued to their seat.  The characters were well-developed and I could relate to them right away.  I can’t wait for the next book!  Don’t miss this one!  My rating is 5 stars.” Book Reviewer, Lisa Johnson. Note: The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at  

“If you like your heroines smart, dedicated, and persistent you’ll love Dianna T. Benson’s new release, Final Trimester. This is the second book I’ve read by her, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Benson draws upon a wealth of experience as an EMT, which makes the fast-paced story all the more believable and enjoyable. Snappy, witty dialogue, an intriguing plot, and an interesting mix of characters are all combined with more than a dash of suspense and will keep you turning the pages until you’re at the end, wishing for more. Don’t miss it!” –Michael J. Webb, author of the Bestselling novel, The Master’s Quilt. I received an ARC from the author without any constraints on my review.

“Grab your oxygen mask, you just might need it as you turn the pages of Dianna T. Benson’s latest novel, Final Trimester, a fast paced and psychologically thrilling suspense story with an unexpected twist. Though a dark tale at times, the story contains elements of hope and faith and points readers toward the Light (of the World).” Heidi Glick, author of Dog Tags

“More twists and turns than a mountain road! If you’re looking for a thrill ride, this book [Final Trimester] is it. Benson delivers not only a great story but one with wonderful characters and great dialogue. Along with that she has a unique writing style that keeps the book moving forward. Her real-life knowledge of medicine comes through time after time. All in all, a story not to be missed.” Lillian Duncan, author of Betrayed

“With Final Trimester Dianna T. Benson has again proven to be a skilled author and weaver of fiction as real as the files of the local police station or headlines of the local newspaper. The story is suspenseful, sad, frightening in intensity, and surreal in emotional psychosis. Watching or reading the news, we learn of psychopaths that engage in the kidnapping and abuse of young women to satiate their own sick perversions. Final Trimester reads like the back story of one of these terrible news happenings. This is Book One in the Quigley Triplets Series, so the promise of more exciting reads awaits fans of Dianna T. Benson. We can’t wait, Dianna! This is a good, clean read but intense. I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are solely my own.” Book Reviewer Vera Godley

“This story [Final Trimester] is absolutely phenomenal. Ms. Benson is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. This story grabbed my attention from page 1 and kept it all the way through. Ms. Benson’s writing compares with Dee Henderson, Lynette Eason, Terri Blackstock, and Irene Hannon. Can’t wait to read more about the Quigley’s and other books by Ms. Benson.” Book Reviewer Lisa Romeo

“Dianna T. Benson’s The Hidden Son has all the makings of a great suspense novel with plenty of action to keep the reader turning pages. I’m excited to read more of her books!” Jordyn Redwood, suspense author of Proof and Poison

“Once you start Dianna T. Benson’s The Hidden Son, don’t plan on sleeping. Packed with action, this thriller is a gripping edge-of-your-seat read!” Alice J. Wisler, author of Under the Silk Hibiscus, Still Life in Shadows, Hatteras Girl, Rain Song, and others.

“Get ready to discover your new favorite author of riveting thrillers! You’ll love the characters, lose yourself in the action-packed plots, and be desperate for Dianna T. Benson’s next book as soon as you finish the first!” Diane Reeves, non-fiction author and editor, Regnery Publishing.

“I started reading The Hidden Son and looked up three hours later, having hardly put it down, stumped by the mystery and intrigued by the complicated characters.” Book Reviewer Faith Farrell.

“All I can say is my goodness what a great book! [The Hidden Son]. This is my first book by Ms. Benson and I am looking forward to more. I believe this was Ms. Benson’s first book and I was just blown away. I loved the story from cover to cover. No spoilers, but you will love the ending!” Book Reviewer Lisa Romeo

“Dianna T. Benson is FANTASTIC!  After reading her other books, I just finished Persephone’s Fugitive, and Ms. Benson certainly delivered again, and I am looking forward to next and following installments.  She hit a home run and I put her in the same class as Joel C. Rosenberg and Steve Yohn when it comes to suspense thrillers.  My wife is blind and I read to her and we can’t put down her books.  Thank you, Ms. Benson, and keep up the good work.” Donald Brady – review on Amazon 

“I’m so glad to have found Dianna T. Benson’s books through a book sale at our local library.  I admire her work and perspectives and celebrate her awards! After reading The Hidden Son, I ordered Final Trimester and am looking forward to reading it! Her writing reminds me of books by Lis Wiehl. May our dear Lord Jesus continue to bless her creativity, insight, faith and bold willingness to be a first responder.  And continued humility in the midst of all those blessings! Blessings to her, Pastor Russ.” – review on Amazon